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没人喜欢的密码. 它们很不方便,管理起来也很有挑战性, and you have to keep track of passwords for various apps and accounts.

How the Future Look Like With 微软无密码技术

没人喜欢的密码. 它们很不方便,管理起来也很有挑战性, and you have to keep track of passwords for various apps and accounts. Don’t forget they are also a prime target for most online attacks.

每个人都知道这些问题, but passwords that have prevailed over the years are often the essential security layer of everything digital people use. You get them in emails, bank accounts, video games, and shopping carts.

Still, everyone is required to have complex passwords that are impossible to guess. They have to memorize these passwords and also change them frequently for security reasons. Nobody likes that, and very few try to change their password regularly. 你有别的选择吗? 让我们来看看!


用户使用 无密码认证 to gain access to applications for IT systems without passwords or to answer security questions. 而不是常规密码, 用户将提供指纹等其他证据, 硬件令牌代码, 或者接近徽章.

The authentication works with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions to help with a better user experience. It reduces IT operations costs and strengthens security while reducing complexities.

微软,在过去的几年里,一直在报道 无密码的未来. The future came fast, and in March 2021, they announced a sign-in available for commercial users. 这些特性适用于世界各地的所有组织.

因此, users can now remove passwords from their 微软账户s entirely. 您可以使用微软 Authenticator应用程序, 安全的关键, Windows你好, 或发送到电话或电子邮件的验证码, 登录到所有帐户, 以及微软OneDrive等最受欢迎的应用程序, 微软的Outlook, 微软的家庭安全, 和其他人.


Most digital workers have to use various applications to perform most of their tasks. 大多数人都被杂乱无章的密码搞得不知所措.  他们铤而走险,使用类似的密码, 弱密码, 发布一个密码, 重复密码, 或者在便利贴上贴上密码.

Most attacks occur due to 弱密码s for most enterprise and consumer accounts. In the current technological era, a whopping 579 password attacks are resulting in 18 billion a year.

Passwords are highly vulnerable due to the following two big reasons:


现在, people can get access to auto-generated passwords that are almost nearly impossible to remember. 你必须把它们写下来,以便下次使用. 因此, 作为一个人, you can create such passwords if you want to start something you can remember without writing.

Creating passwords that are secure and memorable is a challenge. 它们很难记住, 创建和管理您可能拥有的各种帐户. 此外,忘记密码也是痛苦的. Many people who forget passwords may have to stop using their accounts rather than dealing with the sophisticated process of recovering lost passwords.

为了解决这些问题,人们常常使事情变得简单. 他们依赖已知的个人词汇和短语. 根据一项 英国广播公司报道在美国,数百万人用宠物的名字来获得灵感. 有些人用姓和生日之类的日期. 另一些人承认在不同的网站上使用密码, 而其他人则应用公式来创建密码, 比如在名字和季节中添加年份.


黑客依靠猜测密码. When you create simple passwords, chances are, they are also easy to guess. 通过查看你的社交媒体账户, 黑客可以抢先一步登录你的账户. 当他们侵入密码和电子邮件组合时, they sell such information on the dark web for use in other attacks.

Hackers use various tools and techniques that automatically spray passwords and try multiple possibilities until they meet the match. They can also use phishing tricks and push targets to input information into fake websites. The tactics are always relatively unsophisticated but still manage to get into many people’s accounts.

无密码认证 Reduces Risk and Improves User Satisfaction

有了新的微软无密码安全, you eliminate risky password management practices while reducing attack vectors. The ease of logging into apps and accounts also improves the user experience, 消除密码和秘密疲劳. You don’t have to memorize any passwords or remember security questions anymore.



  • 提高用户体验: Eliminating passwords and secret fatigue provides unified access to services and applications.
  • 增加安全: It eliminates the need for risky password management methods and helps to reduce theft of credentials that leads to impersonation.
  • 它简化了操作: It eliminates the need to secure, reset, rotate, and manage passwords.



  • 步骤1:安装 微软认证器应用程序 并链接到你的账户.
  • 步骤2:去你的 微软账户,登录,然后单击高级安全选项.
  • 步骤3在下一个窗口,在下面 额外的安全选项,寻找 无密码帐户 并点击 打开.

当你打开无密码帐户时, you will get a prompt screen with approval on the Authenticator app. Once it gets approved, you are free from all 微软 passwords.

然而, 微软 allows you to return to your preferred passwords by adding them back to your account. 然而, it is not common to find anyone who will ever wish to go back to using passwords.


All the security offered by 微软 comes with your privacy in mind. The underlying technology will help ensure that neither 微软 nor other third parties can monitor your passwords.

To live without a password is better than managing passwords. Using passwordless authentication with all your 微软 apps and services helps keep you, 你的家人, 你的生意在数字世界里也很安全.

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